Basque Seaside

It’s a natural jewel in Biscay’s seaside, with a great landscape and a great ecological diversity.

It’s a natural jewel in Biscay’s seaside, with a great landscape and a great ecological diversity. The highest side of Plentzia Plentzia preserves part of its medieval design which includes three narrow parallel streets (Barrenkale, Artekale and Goienkale), bounded by the sea inlet in its lowest side and by the church’s square in its highest. It’s just here where we find the most important buildings: Gothic Santa María Magdalena Church, whose tower has been historically used as a bell tower, a watchtower, and a lighthouse above the sea inlet and the port. Inside, we can find the five panel alabaster series which represents the best preserved Passion of the state. Apart from the church, we can also find Lord Butron’s old tower, called Torrebarri and which is used as a home nowadays. Santiago’s Arch is also worth visiting. It is the only remainder of the old wall that formerly surrounded the city. Last but not least, we must mention the 16th century’s building called “El Torreon”. It was used as the town hall until 1922, but it is now home to Plasentia de Butron’s City Museum.


It is a seaside city of a great cultural interest since it’s home to the first mechanic transporter bridge of the world, which was declared World Heritage in 2006. Aixerrota’s Mill and the long-standing fishing neighbourhood, commonly known as the “Old Port” are also worth seeing.


It’s a small town situated at only five minutes from Plentzia and it offers a lot of possibilities. Sopela’s beaches are home to a nudist race every year and also to international surf and bodyboard tours. There are also prehistoric reservoirs placed in the nearby mountains, and, you can observe magic twilights from any of its five beaches’ cliffs.


It is a small fishing village, placed in a valley and surrounded by mountains, except for the North, where it touches the Cantabrian Sea. International Folklore Festival and many other events are celebrated in Bakio during the summer, so the town is full of life at this time of the year.